Short Stories – Michael In Peru – A Divine Appointment

Short Story Excerpt –
Michael In Peru – A Divine Appointment

One of the things I do in preparation for all my mission trips is to start asking God for incredible divine appointments. This trip to Peru was no exception as I believed God was literally going to place me where he wanted me placed and speaking to who he wanted me to speak to. I was in this community called Chincha Alta. because I had worked in the city before I only carried my regular translator with me from Panama, Betty Moody.

We were on a dirt road outside of town and as we walked I saw no one outside their homes that would be easily accessible to talk to about Jesus. As we crossed a set of roads I glanced back down an alleyway and that’ when I saw a young couple sitting on the sidewalk talking. I turned down the alley and went to talk to that couple. God’s timing is perfect! The conversation the young couple was having concerned God. The couple was dating a young girl who was very serious about God and the young man whose name was Michael was a scoffer concerning God. She had given up on trying to get him to go to her church but she kept pushing for conversations about God. On this one day he had had it with her God stuff and this is what he said to her five seconds before I stepped into their life. I don’t know if your God exists but I tell you if God will send somebody to me right now and answer all the questions I have concerning him I’ll start to believe in God.

As directed by God The first words out of my mouth were this, I’ve come 4000 miles and God wants you to know that he has sent someone in the flesh here to personally talk to you and help you with any questions you have about God. When those words came out of my mouth his girlfriend looked at me and said are you an angel? No! I just work for Jesus and I go where He wants me to go. Michael had many deep questions for me and to the best ability I answered them all. Betty and I invited the young couple to church that week. It was amazing to see his spiritual growth in one week’s time. I have brought a Spanish study Bible with me with the intent of giving it away. Michael was a recipient of the study Bible and the last contact we had he was continually growing in the Lord. I personally saw the change in Michael’s life because of that divine with Jesus.

Excerpts from ‘Apprehended by the Holy Ghost’

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