A Blessing To The Nations

a visionary Christian ministry with a passion to lead the lost to Jesus Christ and then to equip those saints to build the kingdom of God

Our Mission

and Ministry Purpose

A Blessing To The Nations is a visionary Christian ministry with a passion to lead the lost to Jesus Christ and then to equip those saints to build the kingdom of God. Our desire is to train evangelists for door-to-door ministry, and to teach them to effectively witness the love of Christ in their homes, schools and marketplace. We are a church-planting ministry desiring to be to A Blessing to All of the Nations!
Gary Vanover started this ministry in 2003. A Blessing to the Nations is a nonprofit 501(c)3 ministry. We have a passion to lead the lost to Jesus Christ and then to equip those new saints to build the Kingdom of God. For years, I prayed, “Lord, either take this passion away or help me raise the money to move from working full-time to full-time ministry.” After almost 20 years of ministry I can honestly say. “Lord, please don’t take this passion away. Give me more passion for the lost and hurting.”
We have a vision to reach every people group throughout the nations for Jesus Christ! While doing so, we want to equip those saints to build God’s Kingdom while here on earth. Our family has a burning passion for God’s children. We currently attend Christ Fellowship Atlanta. We minister in and from our home in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and are full-time missionaries.

20 Years of Ministry

Have Accomplished These Results

  • Over 30,000 New Believers
  • Presented the Gospel to over 100,000 people
  • Preached on 4 continents North America, South America, Asia and Africa and the Caribbean
  • Our B2N team has ministered in Panama, Guatemala, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, El Salvador, East and West Malaysia, Zambia, Ghana and South Africa reaching many for Jesus
  • Started 10 cottage industries to pastors or leaders of $500-$2,000 each
  • Started a water program in Panama and in Guatemala
  • Spoke in 500 plus churches on need for Revival
  • Served countless meals to homeless men, women and children in two different countries
  • Held many Happy Birthday Jesus parties for inner city project kids
  • Provided Holiday meals to the ‘least of These’ for as many as 200 families in these first 15 years of ministry
  • Generated and delivered 20,000 lbs. of goods to Indonesia in 2005
  • Trained over 2,000 to share their faith
  • Took over 500 people out for their first door to door witnessing experience
  • Started 7 AWANA (Bible Memorization programs) chapters and identified 4-8 new potential AWANA locations
  • Established or witnessed at over 50 Share-at-the-Fairs events in the U.S. (God Mobile) to over 9 different state or local venues
  • Continued to grow our 7 AWANA Overseas Programs to include monthly humanitarian and evangelism outreaches
  • Planted 4 churches in Guatemala
  • Built 2 churches in Guatemala
  • Planted 2 churches in Zambia
  • Built 2 churches in Ghana
  • Planted another church in Ghana
  • Bought land for another church in Ghana
  • Spoke to 6 different gangs in Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama to consider following Jesus
  • Spoke to over 500 businessmen on Leadership skills
  • Regular Speaker for Full Gospel Business Men’s North GA chapters
  • Breakout session leader since 2013 at Full Gospel Business Men’s Advance
  • Helped birth an Evangelism ministry in Ghana
  • Helped start an orphanage in Zambia
  • Strengthened a second new orphanage in Zambia
  • Started a new evangelism outreach in Costa Rica
  • Began a strategy to developed a Pastors association in Cuba for training Evangelists
  • B2N on the ground two days after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana with chain saws and $2,000.00 of food and water
  • Sent water and cleaning supplies to aid the victims of Hurricane Harvey and the storm victims that hit Florida and Puerto Rico

Thank You Donors… because of your support B2N has truly been A Blessing to the Nations!

Keep Us On

the Mission Field

A Blessing To The Nations a nonprofit 501(c)3 ministry. All donations made are tax-deductable. Upon request, we will gladly share with you our full, yearly budget estimation as well as our previous year spending. Please prayerfully consider sowing into this ministry, A Blessing to the Nations, Inc. I will be diligent to prove that A Blessing To The Nations is good soil in which to sow your seed.
Please consider supporting our ministry as we continue God’s work overseas!

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