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Pastor Frederick Yaro

B2N bought the Church Land in 2016 and we started building this big Church house in 2018. We have had so many challenges and struggles. We have faced many ups and downs and have invested money into building this Church. Before Covid hit pastor Fredrick was averaging 15 salvations a month working in 5 different prisons. Only recently has Pastor Fredrick been allowed back in one of those prisons.
A Blessing To The Nations Church has already started Bible studies and Prayer every Tuesdays and Fridays. Time 9:00AM
We are planning on having two days Crusade in our village and after the Crusade, we are going to open the Church for Sunday Church. An important next step is to get the church house plastered and to fully complete the Church building. Another area of great importance is to build a community bath house on the church property.
Please prayerfully consider financing the building of this church.

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Ministry Update

Frederick our pastor has done an excellent job. These photos are of our new church in Ghana. We did a bore well and hit water in 30 feet of good Clearwater. This is one of the first meetings of the children from the village.

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