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Pastor Frederick Yaro

Miguel has grown his small cell group into a large church in the city of Guatemala. He has tirelessly traveled with B2N to accomplish our goals for Guatemala Central America and traveled with B2N when we planted seeds of revival in Cuba. He has expanded his ministry into Chile, El Salvador, Ecuador and Peru. Miguel began with B2N as a driver, translator and now is the ministry head of B2N in Guatemala.
He now has incorporated 3 churches under the umbrella of his ministry and closely connected to B2N. Collectively we are in the process of planting two more churches in parts of Guatemala that are highly involved areas where witchcraft is a predominate aspect of every day life as well as strong gang life involvement. Miguel has now included his father in Law into his ministry in Guatemala. Mario was the very first pastor that God led us to work with in Guatemala. Mario is a gifted speaker, teacher and valuable mentor to all the new young future church leaders that he will be bringing under his direction. The next assignment of B2N is to lead evangelism outreaches into all the areas of our newly connected churches. Also at the same time training their pastors and leaders on basic workshop.

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Ministry Update

An evangelism outreach was supported by B2N where those who received Jesus were baptized and each new convert received a new Bible. Each new person who stepped forward to become an evangelist was giving proper training, a bicycle, Bibles and tracts. India will be reach for Jesus Christ.

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