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Betty Moody

Betty Moody and her sister, Nina, do an excellent job running our AWANA program in Panama. They worked tirelessly to pull children out of the hands of the enemy as many of those are exposed to witchcraft daily. This Bible memorization program gives the kids so much joy that the children are anxiously waiting to see what else God has for them.
We now have five different chapters in AWANA that we were able to go to regularly before the pandemic. Our largest program is 80 children and continues to grow. Many projects are planned with these children including regular soccer matches, evangelism outreach, teaching them to do humanitarian distribution of rice and beans to the less fortunate in that area. Our main project under the umbrella of B2N is called Leaving Footprints for Jesus. We train them how to preach in the streets, preparing them to be Kingdom Minded adults building up their self-esteem, preparing them for a better tomorrow. Since the beginning of this program 20 years ago, we have had many success stories. These include students who have finished college and many others have gone positions with the police department and the fire department. Two young former members of our AWANA program are now in med school and one in law school.
All these children are underprivileged, many of them have parents who are alcoholics. If not for B2N, they would be getting no religious guidance whatsoever. We help the schoolchildren with their school supplies and we tutor them in their math and spelling. The exciting part of the week is teaching these children the word of God. This program is committed to reach many more of these at risk children for the Kingdom of God by developing a Christian Academy. This is the dream that we have and we humbly ask for your prayer as we begin this next phase of ministry in B2N.

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Ministry Update

Betty Moody has done next job in Panama with the three hurricanes installed over Panama destroying our mission house so we’re in the process of rebuilding it from the ground up. Betty continues to evangelize and reach out to the poor.

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